Kute BlacksonKute Blackson

Kute Blackson is an utterly unique visionary in the world of human potential. Unlike those who promise to simply help people “get” what they want, Kute’s life work instead reveals to people what they have to give, by liberating who they are most truly and deeply. The focus: Freedom.

World renowned for creating revolutionary results, Kute is widely sought after as a transformational speaker and leader. Today, the venue for his message may be one-on-one, a vast stadium setting, a corporate seminar or anything in between. His electrifying presentations are sought out worldwide. Kute is a bold voice for a new generation. Find out more at www.kuteblackson.com


Karsh KaleKarsh Kale

Described by Billboard Magazine as a “visionary composer and producer”, Karsh Kale is one of global music’s brightest stars. Karsh Kale has also developed a reputation as a genre bending collaborator and a world renowned tabla player and musician, exploring the worlds of electronica, Indian classical music, rock, jazz fusion and hip hop which has led him to work with some of the most renowned artists from around the globe including Ravi Shankar, Sting, Alicia Keys, Herbie Hancock, Zakir Hussain, Lenny Kravitz and more.


Fabian AlsultanyDJ Fabian Alsultany

A first-generation American of Iraqi and Cuban descent, GlobeSonic DJ Fabian Alsultany has spent his life bridging gaps. Dubbed by Billboard Magazine as the “World Music Impresario,” Alsultany is a DJ and producer, an entrepreneur, futurist, and ritual connoisseur. He launched the live events division for Putumayo World Music, represented music industry legend Chris Blackwell as Director of A&R at Palm Pictures, and founded Uprise Management & Productions where he represented some of world music's biggest stars. Alsultany's global approach to interweaving cultures and genres continues as he heads DJ collective GlobeSonic Sound System, performing at festivals, nightclubs, conferences, and at yoga and retreat centers across the globe. He has produced and guided the creation of dozens of albums, compilations, remixes, and concerts. Alsultany has been DJing since the mid-80’s, touring internationally in many facets of his dynamic career.


DJ DrezDJ Drez

Drez delves into blending yesterday's roots with the innovative urban beats of today. His gradual evolution from Hip Hop DJ to World Music Taste Maker has blossomed a litany of accomplishments that have garnered Drez the title as one of the highest ranking DJs and producers in LA's underground music scene. When he isn't in the studio producing, spinning at some underground Hip Hop club, or having impromptu late night jam sessions with local artists, you might find him on his mat. Drez is a certified yoga instructor who teaches privately in Los Angeles and spends time helping fellow musicians with their yoga practice at home and when away on tour.


DJ LakshmiDJ Lakshmi

DJ Lakshmi aka "the Cuban" is a Transformational Music producer coming from the foundations of West Coast Hip Hop, EDM, and Contemporary Devotional Music. Fusing elements of Kirtan, House, Latin and Urban Bass, he is best known for his live performances at Yoga studios, festivals and clubs. We Are One.


DJ Sol RisingDJ Sol Rising

On a mission to raise the planetary vibration through music, music producer & DJ, Brandon Au aka Sol Rising, is healing the world one ecstatic beat at a time. Brandon’s transformative, transcendental sound invites us on a journey to remember our true Nature—moving from fear to Love. As a conscious dance DJ, Sol Rising creates an alchemical musical journey to be experienced in body, mind, and spirit. He works with the energy behind the music, and listeners often report feeling “high” on the dance floor—activated by the elevated frequencies of the danceable DJ grooves.




Formed in the heart of Venice Beach California, and immersed in one of the most culturally diverse communities in LA, arises the heart driven, and service orientated Hip Hop emissaries of peace, the Luminaries. From the underground parties in “Dogtown” to the biggest festival stages on the west coast, the Luminaries have now taken their message international and crowds everywhere sing along the anthem, “Peace Worldwide Starts From Inside!”


The Other DeepakThe Other Deepak

Deepak Ramapriyan, also known as "The Other Deepak", is a celebrated virtuoso singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and record producer known for evoking extraordinary experiences in listeners of all kinds. Classically trained in violin since age 4, Deepak lends his immense talent to elicit a remarkable range of emotion, from soul-centered meditative bliss to ecstatic jubilation, Deepak inspires his listeners to go beyond the ordinary and access transcendent states of joy and spiritual communion. He is the lead singer and violinist for the rock/pop band The BOLT, and the world sacred music band Breath of Life Tribe.



Vijay was initiated into Bhakti-Yoga at the young age of 12. The very first order from his beloved Guru was to “always be engaged in Kirtan”. From that time on he has been traveling the world with various spiritual teachers learning the depth of this art and developing great expertise on the Mrdanga drum. He has also spent extensive time in India studying vocal in the various Kirtan styles from holy men, mendicants, temple monks, villagers and professionals. Now having absorbed the essence of his study, he has developed a synergy between these styles of Kirtan, bringing with it mood, depth and                                                                                                          passion.


The Luv Amp ProjectThe Luv Amp Project

An artists collective presenting art, media, and events that combine science of the heart, ritual traditions, and modern devotional music to amplify the frequency of LUV! Musicians ~ Miranda Rondeau, Tony Moss, Sunny Nixon, Sam Babayan, Daniel Pritchett, Sunny Solwind, Dylan James Byrne ~ combine music and elements of community ritual with soul-stirring visuals by Michael Strauss and Abhi Thati, and frequent guest artists, to create a community heart-opening, concert experience.


YoshiYoshi (featuring Krista Richards)

Michigan-born conscious emcee Yoshi is a rising and undeniable voice in hiphop with heart expanding lyrics and groovy rhythms. His work has been featured on MTV.com, VH1.com, Fuse Tv On Demand, and other media outlets. He is currently working on a positive affirmation EP.


Shylah Ray SunshineShylah Ray Sunshine

Soul-inspired singer and songwriter, Shylah Ray Sunshine was born and raised in Canada and got her start at playing music professionally in Los Angeles and now resides in Ojai. Self -taught vocally and on the piano, Shylah inspires those who listen deeply to the message in the music; the concious content and heart-felt joy are truly medicine for the soul. She has collaborated with artists such as the Luminaries, Elijah Ray, Shaman's Dream, Desert Dwellers, the Human Experience and many more. Look out for her debut album early next year!


Sheela BringiSheela Bringi

With a voice and presence routinely praised as angelic, Indian American vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Sheela Bringi has enchanted audiences worldwide and worked alongside artists such as Karsh Kale, Dwight Trible, Jai Uttal and Masood Ali Khan. Sheela launches her eagerly anticipated solo career with Incantations, a stirring 21st-century sacred music experience.


Chris AssaadChris Assaad

Chris Assaad is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada who left a promising career in law several years ago to pursue his dream of a career in music. Since then, Chris has been spreading his brand of soulful roots magic internationally and actively using his voice to encourage others to follow their dreams, express their creativity and live life to the fullest. Chris is also a regular contributor to The Daily Love and Positively Positive.


Tallulah KiddTallulah Kidd

Tallulah Kidd is a freestyle, experimental, wandering violinist who seeks to serenade the senses and soothe the soul. Her avant-garde, dramatic style of improvisation is inspired by deep emotion, surrounding energies, and the present moment.



Sweetpea (Leah and Joel) are a singer-songwriter duo living in Los Angeles, CA. With backgrounds in soul, hiphop, folk, pop music, and jazz, as well as a catalogue of both originals and covers, they are an inspired fusion of the old and the new.

www.leahhannaking.com www.joelvandijk.com

Mary IsisMary Isis (Featuring Vishaka-SACRED VISIONARY MUSIC FROM THE HEART)

This multi-talented musician and singer songwriter transforms her visions and soul progressions into sacred melodic soul songs rich with personal and universal meaning. With a clear angelic voice she sings praises to creation and the self-empowering path. A longtime resident of the Big Island of Hawaii, she finds joy in service, teaching and mentoring young adults, producing Sacred World Music and Art and collaborating with artists such as Nahko + Medicine for the People, SaraTone and the Earth Tribe Gospel.



MissConception is a conscious performance artist out of Kansas City, specializing in sacred spoken word and hip hop flow. She also has a passion for dance and movement, using a hoop and other prop manipulation tools to flux energy. Her emphasis is on raising the vibration through creation, tapping into the momentum of flow and collective movement. Her art is found where meditation, recreation and social activism meet. Please join her in this universal movement of creativity breeding understanding by visiting her website!



Russell FeingoldRussell Feingold

Russell Feingold is a Transformational Coach, Shamanic Sound Healer, and Ceremonialist. He is the author of Heart Wisdom: Your Transformational Guide to Joyful Living and Loving. Russell just returned from a year long shamanic apprenticeship in the Amazon Jungle of Peru. Russell is focused on integrating his teachings on indigenous wisdom into daily life in order to inspire peace, harmony and understanding in the global culture.


Dave NorwoordDave Norwoods

Musician producer entertainer who has been playing music over 40 years and performed in 100 countries playing Jazz, Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, Fusion, New Age and Alternative music with bands and solo playing 6 instruments. To small club gigs to huge festivals he burns it up live and gets the crowd dancing. Having 6 albums with bands he toured with he is now doing a solo album to share with the world. Get ready always to have a fun rhythmic positive time and experience when he hits the stage. He is a true globe trekker and light to any stage


Bobby JassoBobby Jasso

South Texican Singer-Songwriter, Percussionist and Actor, Bobby recently played the cartel thug guarding Blake Lively’s “O” in SAVAGES. His rock-fueled vocals reworked Earth, Wind, and Fire’s “Fantasy” which he debuted as a Featured Artist with the Agape International Choir. Bobby’s been caught bangin’/breakin’ a drum with The Love Mob, Reign Morton, Great Horror Campout, and Hollywood Haunted Hayride. His debut EP, “ZenRage” is a mash-up of hard-bounce ethno-techno, high-soaring rock tenor vocals, and conscious lyrics. This is Bobby’s second year as LoveStock’s Stage Manager, Stage Designer, Percussionist, Hype Man, and Vocalist.



LABIALA Bellydance Improv Academy (LABIA)

LABIA is the love child of artistic director, Amy Sigil from world renowned UNMATA & Hot Pot Studios, and April Rose of UNMATA & BDSS, who first introduced it to LA in a class format. Stemming from ATS, Improvisational Tribal Style is coupled with the fusion of both traditional and modern world dance styles. This language enacted by the leader/followers allow for a dynamic play between the dancers and their audience. L.A.B.I.A. proudly continues to share their Hot Pot ITS language with performances, & weekly classes on both the Westside and East LA.



Katerina GoodeKaterina Goode

Originally from the Czech Republic, is a International multi-talented Performer/ Choreographer/ Dancer/ Actress/ Photographer and Owner of a new Body Alignment Yoga Therapy company called "YogALign L.A." Katerina mainly performed for the Los Angeles Opera and you could see her on Stage, TV and Film in USA and Europe.


Live Visual Projections

Michael StraussMichael Strauss (D-PROGRAMMERS)

Crafting immersive multi-sensory psychoactive enviornments throughout Southern California for over 10 earth years. Exploring the limitless beauty of the universe with stimulating visionary artwork, eternal sacred geometry, and dazzling fractal forms. Generating innovative animation techniques and interactive live video mixing to amplify and synchronize with the heartbeat of the music. Visualizing the dancing and                                                                                                          connections that weave the texture of the fabric of life.



Raw Vegan Chef RawsheedRaw Vegan Chef Rawsheed

From the taste to the smell and even the texture, food can be an experience, and in the end, when we choose which foods to eat, that choice results in either a good or bad experience for our bodies, animals and the environment. It is my belief that food is a compassionate and spiritual art form to be shared with all people. Rawsheed is a whole-foods-based raw, organic culinary artist, and I have catered to famous vegans including Alicia Silverstone, Linda Blair, Debra Skelson, John Salle, Andrew McFarlane, Angela Bassett and Erykah Badu. My journey on this raw food road has been a long one, and I am continually striving to improve and nurture my skills every day.


We are excited to have Cafe Gratitude serving 500 of their special desserts especially for LoveStock Attendees!!!


Art Exhibit


Amir EshelAmir Eshel

Photography for me is a way of sharing love and living in the present. I like to shoot the real you within, and I learn a lot about human nature when I see people's reaction when they see their pictures. Photography for me is like karate, which contains love, acceptance, giving and sharing, in order to help the evolvement of human nature. In karate you learn how to catch your opponent with no efforts, or at least to minimize it to a level necessary with the right measure. It is easier to catch your opponent when he is detached from his brain, same in photography.

Contact: amireshel007@gmail.com

Allison KunathAllison Kunath

Co-founder of The Love Mob, creating organized acts of love through recreation, education & entertainment. My visual work ranges from corporate graphic arts to abstract portraiture & fashion design. Each end of the spectrum stretches my mind in a different direction & helps me explore a different aspect of myself. Since humans are essentially walking-talking-creating-machines, playing with this birthright in the most literal sense grants me the opportunity to watch my thoughts take shape in my own hands, expanding my ideas about what is possible.


Mary CappanMary Cappan

I want my paintings to have their own language and reflect a unique image that will bring you into a whole new dimension. If you open your soul, you will enjoy letting the peace of my art go through.



One-Of-A-Kind, Mixed Media 3D/2 Fine art. Pastel. Charcoal. Paint. Metal. Textile. Bead work, and anything else that magic can contribute...Artist, Designer, Inventor, Poet, Writer, Explorer of life. "Without gratitude nothing can truly exist." -Donabella

Contact: Unique3DBellaArt@gmail.com

Eve EdenEve Eden

Eve Eden is a self taught modern abstract artist. She lives for love and the process of creation, making something out of a feeling or idea. Her work can be found in private homes, offices and hotels from Hawaii to Australia. To her art is life and life is art.


Clyde HarrisonClyde Harrison

Born and raised in Africa. Inspired by life and love.

Contact: clyde@greenchoiceglobal.com

Michael BernierMichael Bernier

As a landscape designer, Michael is always creating with nature, and frequently becomes a muse for his paintings. Michael's art intends to capture the energetic essence behind what he sees out in the environment. His work evokes an emotional response which he hopes will involve the viewer to reconnect themselves to their own essence and to the beauty of all of nature.


Fusion Artist's


Carole BurdickCarole Burdick

I'm a Fusionartist who is passionate about living life using all my senses. It is a way my soul grows. I delight in pushing the boundaries of awareness into the multidimensional aspect of being. I open myself to the unity of self and spirit allowing the divine creative energy to move through me onto my canvas. I believe that the “soulution” to some of our world problems will come from the unity of love, and creativity, from those who are open to expanding beyond their present state of thinking.


John BurdickJohn Burdick

Having come from a rational and analytical background, I found myself attracted to the non-rational and spiritual approach to art taught by the mystical artist Rassouli, who teaches art as a purely spiritual process of manifesting the creativeness which exists inside us all. Art is created solely for the sake of creating and without regard for the end product. This is what Fusionart is to me. In this process the rational and the analytical are discarded in favor of the experiential. What is created is what was meant to be, rather than a directed process towards some specific end result. Life itself is a creative process. Through art I seek to enter the flow of the creative life force.


Haleh DavoudiHaleh Davoudi

Expressing myself through words has always been a challenge in my life so when I turned to art, it was love at first touch. Through Fusionart, not only I am able to express myself without words, but there is a sense of freedom, unknown connection and peace that comes with it. No matter what ends up on my canvas, the process of creating is always liberating. I am blessed.


Roy SmithRoy Smith

I have been working with fusionartist's and fusionart as taught by Rassouli since 2006. Over the years I have watched fusionart grow as a vital movement for the evolution of human creativity due to the work of Rassouli and hundreds of artists worldwide, seeking to expand in creativity, joy and spirit.


Roxane CohanimRoxane Cohanim

I am interested in the creative purity that comes from thoughtlessness; this space of clarity can only emerge when the mind quietly retreats into stillness. I begin each painting in this space, with no preconceived notion or goal set in mind for a final product. Rather, it is as if the paintbrush—guided by my subconscious—dips itself into specific colors and selects where and how to smear each stroke of paint. As a result, my paintings aesthetically reside in abstraction and often, only bear a slight reference to the recognizable world. My hope is for the viewer to glide into a place that is at once familiar and eerily unfamiliar.

Contact: rcohanim@gmail.com

Lydia ArbizoLydia Arbizo

For me, the act of art making is a spiritual transaction. I have worked in numerous mediums such as; bronze, clay, wood, photography, drawing, pastels and painting. People often ask me what art style do I follow. I suppose it is figurative expressionism. Someone once called me an action painter because I use my whole body. Sometimes making large sweeping motions across the canvas. However, I prefer to call it "Fusion" because fusion is a combination of methods that opens boundaries and limits rules. I love vibrant colors. I like to close my eyes, listen to music and allow my heart and soul to make a connection to the canvas in a living color.