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  • FREE FOOD: Delicious healthy food to nourish your body!
  • MUSIC: Live music, drumming and DJ performances to make your spirit dance.
  • The HEALING ROOM: A variety of amazing healers sharing their gifts to elevate your soul.
  • CONSCIOUS COMMUNITY: A gathering of the most inspired people from around the world.
  • COSMIC PUJA CEREMONY: A special ritual designed to release the past and access your freedom.
  • MAKE A DIFFERENCE: All donations go towards "Just Like My Child" Foundation, committed to empowering women and girls in Africa through health care, education, micro-enterprise, girls' empowerment and social justice.

And many more special SURPRISES to be announced in upcoming weeks!

LoveStock is a party with a purpose. An invitation to co-create the most amazing experience of your entire life as living art in collaboration with others. It's not just another event, festival, party or place. It's an experience, a state of being. An opportunity to be free. To express yourself. To try something new. To mix it up a bit. To love BIG.

It is a participatory experience where you get to create the magic. You will be loved, nourished, blessed, healed, surprised, delighted and made a new. In ancient times people would gather to celebrate with each other and let go. LoveStock is a Purification of your being whilst having the most ecstatic experience of your life. You will not leave the same person you came.

Love is the very essence of who and what we are. It is the most powerful force on the planet. The message of all major religions, agreed on one central theme. It isn’t God, heaven, karma, or the afterlife, but LOVE. No matter how big or complex the philosophies they all came down to this one essential. It is time to move beyond the books, to stop simply worshiping the great ones that came before us and to start living and being what we are, LOVE itself. Not tomorrow, or next year, but right NOW.

LoveStock is an invitation to live the love that you are.

We invite you to LoveStock where you ARE the experience.

Are you ready?

Will you dare?